Helpful Hints for New Players

by Emma and Jadzia

This is just a brief list to help you navigate DailyGammon.

Top Page: This is where you will find your games waiting if it is your turn to play.

If you want to know your rating, click on "Active Matches".

Click on "Modify my profile and user settings" to make changes to your background color, the direction the board is played on, and to set other personal preferences. It is recommended that you click the "Confirm" checks so that you have to confirm accepting or declining the doubling cube (for those who sometimes click the wrong button).

Game Lounge: This button leads you to the lounge where you can post game invitations and sign up for tournaments.

Match length: A one point game is a regular game of backgammon. 3 Point matches or higher involves the use of the doubling cube.

If you wish to sign up for a tournament click on the name of the tournament for specific info about that tournament, then click register. When the tournament is full, a match will be listed on your Top Page.

At the bottom of the page you can type in a person's name, then push Enter. This will take you to that person's profile page where you can send them a note or invite them to a game.

Discussion Board: This is a great place to ask questions (check Help section first though), meet some other DG players, and is fun to read. It's also where you will find info on extra tournaments run by DG players.

Links: You will find a link to most extra tournaments run by DG players, the DG Photo Album, (if you have problems opening these, try using Internet Explorer as some older browsers won't work here) and Jordan's collection of links for improving your game.

Help: It's a very good idea, and strongly recommended that you read the Help files provided. Many people ask questions on the message board that have already been answered there.

FAQ's and other stuff that's not in the Help file:
  • There is a robot backgammon player on DG named gb001 that you can invite to a regular game. It is maintained by mjan and does not play in tournaments.
  • Some players like to talk, others don't, so don't be offended if they don't talk. Some are very serious about the game. If you have a problem with a player, you can put them on ignore by clicking on their name and then the Ignore button. You will no longer see any comments made by them but any matches with them will continue as usual. A player can be Unignored later if you wish.
  • Ratings increase and decrease through tournament play. Ratings do not apply to "friendly" games.
  • Below your game board you will see some options:
    • Undo Move: which is not visible after you submit a move.
    • Swap Dice: changes which die you use first.
    • Review Game: gives you the dice and moves list of that game.
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This document was updated by Mom on August 25, 2012.